Recover Lost Files on Mac

Tool to Recover Lost Files on Mac

In order to avoid the unauthorized access, most of the people want to store their important files in safe and secured place. In most of the cases people prefer Mac OS on their computers to store their important files because it is highly safe, secure, and reliable and offers an efficient file storage mechanism. However, like other users, Mac users are always end up with losing their important files for unforeseen reasons. In case if the user is thinking about how to recover lost files on Mac computers? Then here is a best preferable way. You can easily restore all files with the help of efficient recovery software at your fingertips without contacting any data recovery expert. Recover Lost Files in one such efficient and trustworthy tool which helps to get back lost word documents and all other types of files from Mac computers.

Don’t Panic!!! If you lose files from Mac, as it does not get permanently erased from Mac PC. The directory structure erases only link that is used to point a specific file and the original stream of bytes still resides on the same storage location. Therefore, if you save or copy any new file over that storage location then there might be chances of overwriting with new files on existing files especially when your computer is running with low disk space. This may results in permanent loss of data. Therefore, stop using the storage drive as long as you lose data and make use of professional lost file retrieval software to recover lost files on Mac computers.

Before going to lost data recovery process, let us walk through a few common scenarios where many users lose their important data on Mac, which might also help you to avoid data loss in future.

  • In Mac computers, the hierarchy of files storage is stored in catalog records. Operating system explores the catalog B-tree to obtain the contents of directory files. Sometimes due to file system breakdown or OS crash there may be chances of catalog record corruption is more, which further makes your files inaccessible.
  • Human beings are susceptible to mistakes. While deleting discarded files to reuse the storage space, you might accidentally delete some of your essential files by using “rm -rf” command. This will bypass Trash folder and results in critical file loss.

No matter how you lose files from Mac, Recover Lost Files tool will helps you to recover lost file on Mac as a whole. This tool designed with a strong and trustworthy scanning algorithm to scan the entire hard drive and restores lost data with the help of unique file signature before the drive is overwritten with new files. It can also lost data recovery from USB drive, iPod, external hard disk, flash drive, FireWire drive etc. Moreover, this tool has a capability to recover lost files from formatted drive. Overall, Recover Lost Files tool can restore any kind of data from any storage drive which can be accessed through a Mac computer.

How to recover lost files on Mac in simple steps

Step 1: You need to download Recover Lost Files software on your Mac computer and install it. Then run the application to open its home wizard as shown in figure a.

How to Recover Lost Files on Mac - Home Wizard

Figure a: Home Wizard

Step 2: Select the required Mac volume from the list of logical Mac drives as shown in figure b.

Lost Mac Data Recovery - Select Mac Volume

Figure b: Select Mac Volume

Step 3: The list of restored data from Mac will be shown in figure c.

How to Restore Lost Files on Mac - List of Restored Data

Figure c: List of Restored Data