Recover Lost Files

  • Most comprehensive software to restore lost data from formatted or reformatted hard drive partitions
  • Fastest tool to recover lost files from USB drives of various brands which are available in the market
  • Effectively restore all types of data from various storage drives which can be accessed via Windows/Mac computers
  • Comes up with a free demo edition to estimate the efficiency of lost data recovery
  • One of the most powerful and user-friendly software to recover lost files after format


Have you ever lost any essential files from your storage drive?

In present days hard disks are much popular in the field of electronic data storage drives with their various advantages like huge storage capacity with compact size, easy to use, cost effective, etc. After every use, most of the computer users prefer to format their hard disk partitions to erase all data. However, sometimes formatting a PDD partition leads to loss of important files which leads to severe data loss crisis. In such hard situations, many people don’t know how to recover lost files on Mac or Windows systems? If you are one of them, then don’t be fretted away. As there are several applications available to restore lost data. However, when it comes to restore lost files after format, Recover Lost Files is the finest tool available in the world.

Here are some of the reasons and scenarios where users can lose their files store in memory cards due to formatting.

  • Most people prefer external storage drives to convey data between different machines. While sinking files between computer and removable drive, if your system gets restart due to power fluctuations, the chances of losing files are pretty more.
  • Sometimes your data storage drive gets corrupted due infection of macro virus. These malicious threads may rush to your system from external storage drives. In order to re-use such drives further, it needs to be correctly formatted. In case if the corrupted drive has some important data, then you will definitely lose them.
  • Sometimes while accessing files, if your computer restarts due to sudden power fluctuations, then there might be chances of data loss is more. In case if you don’t back a legitimate copy of lost data then serious data loss is definite.
  • The instances like software glitches, errors in file system, technical glitches, bad sectors on drive, OS crash may also results in loss of data from hard disks.

In order to avoid lost of files, it’s strongly suggested to have a legitimate backup of all your essential data. And make use of effective and updated antivirus software to avoid infection of malicious threads like virus, Trojans etc. Moreover, use UPS to avoid improper shutdown of your computer.

Best Features of Recover Lost Files Tool

  • Provides an effective way to preview all retrieved files before restoring them on any of your storage drive.
  • Simply supports retrieval of all types data including digital photos, RAR files, ZIP archives, videos, music files, spreadsheets, PSD files, digital RAW photo files etc.
  • Designed with an advanced find option to search any files from the list of recovered files with the help of file attributes like fine name, file size etc.
  • Finest tool available over the world to recover lost Word files including .doc and .docx file formats.
  • Facilitates an efficient option to create disc images of restored data in order to avoid bad sectors on storage drives.
  • Instantly restore any data from storage drives like hard disks, iPods, external hard disks, FireWire drives, SD, XD memory cards, USB drives etc.

Recent Updates:

If files on external drive is missing, employ recent edition of this application immediately; You can restore all types of missing files easily through this link:

Simple steps to retrieve lost files from Windows computers

Step 1: Download Recover Lost Files application and install it on Windows computer. After running the software, you need to select the option given in figure A.

Recover Lost Files - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Choose the required drive from where you have lost data from the list of logical drives as shown in figure B.

Lost Data Recovery Tool - Choose Drive

Figure B: Choose Drive

Step 3: You will see the list of retrieved files as shown in figure C.

Lost File Restore - List of Retrieved Files

Figure C: List of Retrieved Files